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Daily Webinars

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Getting Started: Website Building 101

Not sure where to begin? We’ll help you tackle your project one step at a time.

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Mondays at 1900 (7pm) UTC
Tuesdays at 1000 (10am) UTC
Wednesdays at 0600 (6am) UTC
Thursdays at 1900 (7pm) UTC
Fridays 1600 (4pm) UTC

Quick Start: Making Money

Discover how to monetize a WordPress website using straightforward solutions.

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Mondays every other week at 0600 (6am) UTC

Quick Start: Blogging

You’ve got something to say. We’ll show you how to say it with style on your own blog.

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Tuesdays alternate weekly 0600 (6am) UTC | 1600 (4pm) UTC
Wednesdays every other week 1600 (4pm) UTC

Empezando: Construcción de sitios

Únete a la versión en español de nuestro webinar que explica los pasos básicos para construir tu sitio web.

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Marzo 30 1400 (2pm) UTC

Abril 13 & 27 1400 (2pm) UTC

Quick Start: WooCommerce 101 (Creating a Store)

Find out how to build a fully functional online store using a top eCommerce plugin.

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Thursdays at 1600 (4pm) UTC

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All of our webinars are scheduled in the UTC time zone.
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Join a Free Course

A world-class course taught by WordPress experts. Learn about blogging while we guide you through lessons focused on designing your site and creating great content.

Special‑Topic Webinars

Full Site Editing

Find out how to use the new Full Site Editing tools in WordPress to edit all parts of your site without the need for code. Join us as we use familiar Block Editor concepts to demonstrate how you can now customize headers, footers, and other areas of your site like never before.

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April 6th, 1900 (7PM) UTC

April 20rd, 1900 (7PM) UTC

Supercharge your Social Media

Integrating your social media presence with your website is essential to finding and growing your audience. offers many options and tools that can help you optimize your website and social platforms — available on all plans, at no additional cost!

Join our WordPress experts to learn all about the essential tips to integrate social media with your website.

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Previously Recorded Daily Webinars

You can always find the video recordings of our daily webinars. They’re almost as good as being there.

Previously Recorded Special-Topic Webinars

We invite you to watch previously recorded special-topic webinars on our YouTube channel.

Happy to be your hosts!

Our webinars are hosted by Happiness Engineers—our customer support specialists who happen to be WordPress experts. You’ll also hear from the people who built the tools you’re using, and we’ll occasionally bring in outside experts, too.

If you have a paid plan, you get access to unlimited support from Happiness Engineers at any time.

You can also browse our support section for more help.

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It has really inspired me! I’m really grateful that I was given this information to attend the webinar. I have been working on improving my websites already. Thanks a lot!

—Webinar attendee

I just wanted to say thank you for doing the webinar, it was amazing! Thank you for taking the time to putting together this amazing tool. I will def attend ALL the webinars from now on, they are short but full of valuable content.

—Webinar attendee

First of all, THANK YOU and the others for a great webinar. The time flew by and it gave a great overview of what is available to build a website—I’m actually excited to get working on it now! Wow!

—Webinar attendee

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